Who we are

Once upon a time... Depetit, a fairy tale that starts from childhood.

“I remember that as a child I loved playing, capturing colors, grasping shapes, chasing every new adventure and diving back into a soft and safe embrace."

Adriana has not forgotten the enthusiasm and emotions of when she was a child, and she rediscovered them stronger with the birth of little Vittorio and Lorenzo, joy and a great source of inspiration. Designer and lifestylist, born in Barcelona and in Turin since 2013 , after having worked for years in the world of fashion, she began to design small items of clothing for her child and, shortly thereafter, as in a brilliant modern fairy tale, the the interest and wonder aroused by her creations convinced her to give the name to her own line.

dettaglio abito da bambina con scintillio di lurex e bottoni in madreperla

Thus was born DEPETIT, which means "little" in Catalan , a line of mini dresses designed for puppies who grow, move, but above all have fun.

DEPETIT, the Italian brand with a timeless taste, which creates constantly evolving basic classy garments, dyed in neutral colors that light up with lively details.

A unique, all-female reality , born from the creativity of a young and passionate mother, who with determination and passion was able to create a close-knit team ready to give value to every single item of the DEPETIT collections.

Our in-house tailoring crafts every single item by hand with patience and dedication, using traditional techniques mixed with a touch of innovation.