The Atelier

A space designed to enhance beauty in its simplicity. A place where you can rediscover the enchanted world of childhood, discover new collections and design tailor-made garments together for your children.

DEPETIT the Atelier of little dreamers

A place where passion for fashion and craftsmanship come together to create tailored children's clothes made with love and care.

Our seamstresses, true needle and thread artists, work with passion to create unique garments that tell stories of sweetness, tenderness and the desire for adventures . Each piece is made by hand, with patience and dedication, using traditional techniques mixed with a touch of innovation.

Our Atelier stands out for its attention to detail. Immerse yourself in a fairy-tale world, where clothes dance to the cries of joy of children and delicate details enchant anyone who observes them.

Every dress that leaves our hands brings with it the love and warmth of our seamstresses. Every stitch, every fold, is a declaration of affection for the children who will wear them. Our garments are a tribute to the magic of childhood and the desire to make children feel loved and special.



Via Cosmo 6 Turin - Italy

Open to the public: Tuesday * Wednesday * Thursday * Friday from 10.30am/4.00pm continuously

Opening by appointment Monday * Saturday * Sunday